Cinnamon’s Food


Chef Patricia de Silva, with the help of her husband Anura de Silva and son Michael de Silva, draws her clever passion for food to create numerous contemporary and quite simply mouth-watering food, ensuring the Cinnamon’s menu is a culinary success. Patricia only uses the freshest ingredients and even roasts and grinds her own spices, which provides that unique flavour Cinnamon’s is known for. Cinnamon’s focuses on delivering the best possible ‘home style' cooking which Sri Lankans, and those familiar with Sri Lankan food, can relate to.

The most favourite dish that has kept many customers coming back to the restaurant is Patricia’s famous ‘eggplant moju’ which has a unique twist to the traditional pickled version.

Sri Lanka has long been renowned for its spices and in her cooking, Patricia does not hold back on it. If a ‘spicy’ curry is what one is after, that is most certainly what one will get. Bring your ‘chilli’ tolerance with you when you visit Cinnamon’s for that unique experience of Sri Lankan food.